About Academia Duellatoria

Academia Duellatoria, located in Portland, is a school dedicated to teaching "The Noble Art of Defense" as found in the surviving manuscripts of the fencing masters of Europe written between 1300 and 1700 A.D.

Subject matters studied include grappling, dagger work, medieval sword and buckler, Italian, German, Dutch and Spanish rapier fencing, Italian and German Longsword and polearms. In addition to these physical pursuits we try to include a relevancy to medern unarmed self defence applications.

We offer group instruction four nights a week at our Beaverton/Portland classroom in the Signs by Design warehouse at 9640 SW Sunshine Ct, Suite 200, Beaverton, OR 97005.

Our classes in Southern Oregon are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Phoenix Grange at 211 2nd Street, Phoenix, OR 97535.

Click on Class Offerings for descriptions of our current classes.

Additionally, we offer lectures, combat demonstrations, private lessons, consultation, fight choreography, and stunt work by special arrangement.