Second Star Festival 2016

August 13 10:00AM to 14 6:00PM, 2016
Florence Oregon
715 Quince St
Florence, OR 97439
United States
Map & Directions
Map & Directions

Instructor Jeff Richardson will be giving two hands on classes a day at 2nd Star Festival in Florence this summer.

Bartitsu - Victorian self defense system using the walking stick or umbrella.

Italian Knife fighting and Knife defense - During the 16th century Achille Morozzo included knife fighting and empty hand self defense against an opponent with a knife in his martial system. During the 19th century Captain Alfred Hutton included this work in "Cold Steel" as training recommended for the British Military.

Military sabre and cutlass - The British method of sabre play prevalent during the Golden Age of Sail. The system as taught to the British Military by the Angelo family influenced most of the English speaking world for over 75 years.

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