Western Martial Arts Coalition International Gathering

March 19 8:00AM to 21 4:00PM, 2010
Houston, TX
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Instructor at Arms Matthew Howden from Academia Duellatoria's Portland school will present two classes at the WMAC International Gathing in Houston, Texas. The first class will focus on fundamental conepts and techniques from Gerard Thibault's 'Academy of the Sword.' The second class will explore some of the more germanic methodologies that Thibault employs and will will look at how the Dutch schools may have influenced Thibault's work.

The WMAC International Gathering is a cooperative event between the WMA Coalition and the HEMA Coalition. It brings together instructors from all around the world to teach and learn together. Other instructors at this year's event include:

Chris Amendola, Scott Brown, Michael Chidester, Scott Crawford, Stew Feil, Steaphen Fick, Matt Galas, Steve Hick, Brian Hunt, Alex Kiermayer, David James Knight, Anders Linnard, Bob McPherson, Keith P. Myers, Jake Norwood, Jeremy Oneail, Colin Richards, Ben Roberts, Lee S. Smith, Brian Stokes and Jeff Tsay

For more information or to register visit the WMAC International Gathing 2010 Event Website.

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