John Husky

Former Instructor

and very dear friend

            John Husky helped to found the original club in Ashland, Oregon while a student at the University. He fell in love early with the art of Kendo, and unable to find instruction in small town rural America he took up the art of European Fencing. A love for history led him to a study of Italian and English dueling systems and a pursuit for the study of the rapier. 

John Husky located in Ashland after retirement from military service where he was trained in close quarters combat. He came from a background of prize fights which he participated in while stationed in Germany.

            John’s love for the art of swordplay, his jovial demeanor and his caring attitude for everyone he met made him well loved. John was lost in August of 2005 in a tragic motorcycle accident in Portland Oregon.  He was buried with honors as a military veteran. His funeral and wake brought friends and former students from both coasts to celebrate his life. His presence and friendship is missed by the Academy.