Actor, Director, Fight Choreographer, Stunts, Modeling

P.O. Box 22833
Milwaukie, OR 97269



Actor, Director, Fight Choreographer, Stunts, Sound Designer, Publicity

Height: 5’-7 1/2”   Weight: 168   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Brown
Jacket: 41  Neck: 16 ½”  Sleeve: 31 ½”  Waist: 31”  Inseam: 30”

D.O.B. 09/24/1969

Management: Independent (503)888-9310



2016 – The Dead: Hellbender Media/Bullet Dance Films/Edward Martin III. 

2014 - Vicious: Marina Film Company/Jason Rosenblatt. 
Club Patron

2014 – Crimson and Clover: 1 Media Productions and Citi Scape Films.
Swing/Blues Dancer

2012 - Company Of Devils / 101st A Company: COD Productions, LLC.  
Thorn, Fight Choreographer, stunts, set dressing

2009 – Train Master II: Jeremiah’s Treasure: Phil Bransom Productions. 
Reporter/Featured Extra.

2009 – Extraordinary Measures: CBS Films. 

2008 – Crackin’ The Code: Hunter’s Moon and Lazy Eye Films. 

2007 – Passage Northwest:  Chauvet HD Films LLC. 
Extra/Hit Man, stunts.

2007 – Spin of Fabrications:  Veradonir Productions. 
Fight Choreographer – duties shared with Anthony DeLongis,
Armorer, stunt performer, stunt crew/extras casting.

2002 – Night of The Maelstrom: Black Spot Films.
Combat related stunts, extra.

2001 – Westender: M.O.B. Productions.
Medieval Armored Combat Stunts, extra.

1995 – Bloodsport 2: 

1995 - The Quest: A Jean Claude Van Damme/Moshe Daimant Film. Swordplay consultant to Mr. Jerry Piddington

1994 – Discarded: Hunter Films.
Continuity, Extra, Assistant fight choreographer.


2013 – The Fantasticks : ACMA Theatre Company. 
Fight Choreographer, Armorer

2010 – I Hate Hamlet: Corvallis Community Theatre. 
Fight Choreographer, Armorer

1995 – How The Other Half Loves: Ashland Community Theatre.
Sound Designer, Fight Choreographer.

1994 – Once Upon A Mattress: Lyric Theatre Group.
Sound Design.

1993 – Staged reading J.R.R. Tolkien's Smith Of Wooton Major: Ashland New Plays Festival.
Playwrite, Assistant Director.

1992 – Small Town Children's Christmas – World Premiere:
Cygnet Theatre Group.
Production Manager, Publicist.

1992 – The Boy Who Talked To Whales – World Premiere Musical Version: Cygnet Theatre Group.
Sound Designer, Publicist

1991 – A Tale Of Two Cities: Actor's Theatre.
Assist. Stage Manager, Prop Master, Fight Choreographer, Sound Technician.

1991 – Bus Stop: Actor's Theatre.
Assist. Stage Manager, Prop Master, Sound Technician.

1988 – Stage Door: Ashland Children's Theatre.
Supporting Actor, Sound Technician.

1987 – A Trilogy Of Christmas Plays – Three One Act Plays: Ashland Children's Theatre.
Director, Assist. Director, Stage Manager – consecutively on three short plays.

1987 – Singin' In The Rain: Ashland Children's Theatre.
Fight Choreographer, Stage Manager, Understudy.

1986 – Harvey: OHS Drama Department.
Dr.Chumley, Set Design.


2015 – Deep Wounds: Andrew Marvin.   
Armorer, Fight Choreographer, Stunt Coordinator

2014 – Long Cable: Shooting Blind, Stormin’ De Castle Productions, Lyon Richardson. 
Stunt coordinator

2014 – Off Limits: Shooting Blind, Stormin’ De Castle Productions, Lyon Richardson.  
Stunt coordinator, props.

2012 - Legendary: A Tale of Blood and Steel: Hanged Man Productions / Golden Summit.   
Fight Choreographer, Stunt Coordinator, Armorer, Stunt Double, Props, Costumes.

2012 – Go! NorthWest:
Interview with Tall Ship Royaliste Crew.    Ship weapons master.

2011 - Episodic Adventures of Dex Dixon: Hunter’s Moon and Lazy Eye Films. 
Fancy Vampire, Fight Choreographer, Stunts.

2011 - Grimm, Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10: Hazy Mills Production / NBC. 

2010 – The Hunted: Chronicles Of Kendall - Episode 7: Kendall Wells production.
Vampire Clone/Stunts.

2009 – Leverage, Season 2 Episodes 2,3 and 5: Leverage 2 Productions Inc.

1995 – Southern Oregon Swan Awards: Southern Oregon Public Access Awards Show.
Guest on Sports Segment.

1994 – C.J. White Show: Southern Oregon Public Access.
Guest Demonstrating and Discussing Martial Arts.

1993 – Connie Tillman Show: Southern Oregon Public Access.
Guest to discuss Theatre, J.R.R. Tolkien and playwriting.

1992 – present: Various television news appearances to discuss and promote eastern and western martial arts on the West Coast and various charity efforts.

1982 – 4 Episode Instructional Series: Eugene, OR Public Access.
Guest and demonstrator discussing rocketry.


Promoter of Historic Swordplay martial arts seminars 2000 – present.

Co-Produced Northwest Regional Karate Championships – yearly 1994 to 1997.

Publicist American Karate Academies National Assoc. – 1992 to 1998.

Public Eastern and Western Martial Arts Demonstrations


Music Theory; Mathew Harden voice Coach.   Make-Up Design; University of Oregon Theatre Dept.    Mime; Northwest Mime Troupe.    Modern Sport Fencing, Olympic Fencing Coaches and fight choreography Gay Jacobson and Michael D'Asaro.     

Historic Fencing, independent study and promotion of seminars with Maestro Ramone Martinez and Stephen Hand.   

Eastern Martial Arts Black Belt – American open Style Karate; Hanshei Shihan Jerry Piddington. Daimon-ryu JuiJitsu – Tom Spellman

Improvisational Acting; Oakridge High School Theatre Dept.

SKILLS AND SPECIALTIES: Low Falls, Rappelling; Downhill Skiing; Motorcycles; Archery; Firearms – most rifles and pistols; Modern Fencing – foil, epee and sabre; Historic Fencing – long sword, sword and buckler, rapier and dagger, military saber; Knife Fighting; Staff Fighting; Eastern Martial Arts – Kickboxing, Karate and Jui-Jitsu; Roller/Ice Skating – 1982 Regional Champion